List of links

I've long been a fan of content curation, I believe there's a big future for it in the web, as an avid researcher and procrastinator of different things online, I've decided to collect some of my interesting findings and present here as (probably unfrequent) updates.

#Apps & Products

  • Moodistory - I've dug around for productivity and mood tracker apps to start the year, while I ended up with a different solution, I really liked the design of Moodistory, it uses some of the more basic designs of mobile UX really well unlike most modern apps.
  • - A habit tracker made by an Indie developer, really well designed and gets frequent updates.


  • NYC Slice - I love these informal dives into statistical information of mundane things, in this case the prices of NYC slices, there is some really interesting data visualization and insights here.
  • The Cab Ride I'll Never forget - This was a touching tale of a different time, it leaves you wanting more and it's really well written, it's rare to find stories like this in the web these days.
  • How the Blog Broke the Web - I am a big fan of the tales of the history of the web, it's useful to understand how we got where we are, and maybe have insights as to where we are going, before social media, the blog revolutionized the web.


  • The PROBLEM with Minimalism - I was big on minimalism for a while, I looked for simple and combining solutions, usually to try to reduce the volume of things I carried around with me, but this video dives deep well into what went wrong with minimalism culture, Future Proof channel in general has great videos on modern staples and usually touches environmentall impact.
  • The (secret?) recipe behind our videos - A video about the editing and creation process of Slidebean's videos, which are of extremely high quality, I highly advise going around their channel for their other videos, especially the Paypal story, sometimes I think Slidebean has a better future as video production than from its products.

#Repos & Open Source

  • uselotus/lotus - A toolchain for different pricing techniques, an often overlooked part of SaaS.
  • catppuccin - A collection of color themes and pallettes for a really nice pastel theme.
  • mrisoli/brega-stack - This is a repo I created myself(shameless plug), a Remix stack based upon other stacks.