Quick no-code mashup


At my current job we get to do these hackathon sprints where we can kind of experiment with different things, I've had similar versions of this at different company, some really fun projects come out of it, the latest one specifically we dedicated our time to produce content.

While I was already writing a little bit, I took the opportunity to come up with different ideas and concepts to follow up, I decided to try a little no-code hack based on a previous project. To combine respondent data from forms and generate interesting and complex data visualization widgets. My initial idea was to create some data visualization from scratch with JavaScript.

Then I realized I could leverage tools from a previous employer to hack a quick prototype without writing any code, so it would be an interesting way to glue together two products I love and have worked on previously, I would use Typeform to gather responses for a simple survey and Prezi/Infogram to display results in a creative way.

#Demo time

First, we create a simple Typeform and embed, you can create your own response here:

Next, by using Typeform's integration with Google Sheets, I can have a up to date spreadsheet of responses

Now to display that data we use Prezi/Infogram to create infographics where we do a simple correlation between countries and color choice, and I can have a live updated infographic:


This was my first no-code "project", it was pretty easy and quick to make, it does require maybe some fiddling with and cleanup to be able to match datasets(such as country names between the map infographic and the respondent options), in the future I would like to have the infographic to be able to poll and transform live data from an API which does require a little bit of code to write, but this was a good start.