An Unlikely Update

About a year and half ago I started this blog, I initially intended to write sporadically, maybe once a month, I ended up writing no more than the single initial blog post and then pretty much abandoned it.

There's a reason for that, a lot has changed, when I wrote the original blog post I was living in Budapest in the midst of a job change, I would move to Stockholm where I stayed for about 9 months, while Stockholm is an exciting city with lots to offer I never felt quite at home, so I ended up finding another job and moving to Barcelona and joining Typeform as a Senior front-end Engineer earlier this year.

This all happened just before COVID-19 spread around the world and lock downs started happening, while my first month in Barcelona was exciting and promising it was followed by a strict lock down and I, like many others, have been working remote ever since.

While in isolation and remote I've discovered tons of digital content and they seem to be proliferating as many people are turning their side hustles into businesses with the likes of Gumroad and Leanpub. I've considered creating something myself, after going through two job searches in less than a year I've picked up some knowledge about tech interviews which could come in handy for others, however, as of now, I have no decided plans to create anything.

Also as a minor project I moved this blog from using Gatsby to a simpler, blog with Next.js ripping off's design with some minor modifications and trying out Vercel's hosting and deployment for next.js Websites, I'm happy with the result so far.

I still want to come up with some side projects, either some form of digital content like an e-book or a newsletter. I've been toying around with no code tools and flirting with the idea of working remote as a digital nomad, I still don't promote this blog so I am writing randomly just whatever comes to my mind, I might still write some posts in the near future see if anything becomes discoverable in search engines, if you happened to find yourself reading this, keep an eye for updates and more informative posts!